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my fashion teacher said i was pervasive

okay but also I used to play 1 song in a playlist of one on repeat while I slept 8 hours and it would sound distorted even when I woke up. isn’t that weird? like the entire rest of the day that I was awake, the song would sound higher and faster than it was but other songs wouldn’t! so interesting!

okay also someone told me once that we might be dreaming some nights for like 2 total seconds or a minute or two, but it feels like hours or all night, but it could possibly be the last 2 seconds right before you wake up or something but your brain like sends you the dream in a way??? idk I think I was like 9 years old when I learned it

but if I go to sleep without my glasses on am I dreaming in 20/20


Andy Warhol , Untitled (Two Dogs) Lluis Ribes

Omahyra Mota by Rankin

"Doehler" by SABO project
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