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my fashion teacher said i was pervasive

me at every moment


can someone please make a list of all the trash black men on this site who consistently hate on black women??? like these men are literally women haters and then get offended bcs we aren’t here for their transparent misogynistic bullcrap


It’s always the same niggas on here acting butt hurt when they get called out for being misogynistic pieces of dark doo doo shit  

(via problackgirl)


Nathan Jenden Spring 2010
welcome to my twisted mind

Drake was in the bape store first of all welcome to my twisted mind second of all hopefully this means something I will update this post if it does


A-Poc Issey Miyake x Dai Fujiwara A/W 2000

idk why y’all follow Black men stealing shit Black women have been saying about racism for years practically verbatim, while they’re calling Black girls bitches and ugly and shit but that’s y’all. and I mean, I’ll stay beautiful and continue to support Black girls and everyone that supports Black girls bye

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