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my fashion teacher said i was pervasive

holyconflagration: Rian! I decided that (thanks to you) I wanted to make an effort to spend my time positively. I spent the day at the art museum and sculpture garden near my house and wore an A+ outfit and took pictures and it was a very very positive day :)

sounds like a beautiful positive day I love itπŸ‹πŸ’•πŸ’

exactly like i understand that the tweet is probably just a hypothetical and may not be real but that makes it 1,000 times worse because the person is rationalizing it in general… which is what the tweet is meant to do too

Steelo by 702


I think of clouds
My hair

@ cotton ceiling. Mostly just clouds?

Anonymous: oh my goodness i thought your tags were talking about people that post was about not the post itself ! I'm very sorry for my messages and possible annoyance. Have a positive night as you say

you haven’t annoyed me at all it’s all good i love you okay

when i say “some of y’all are demons” boy i tell you what

someone literally just typed “people shouldn’t sexualize a child, HOWEVER,” and then literallllly justified and rationalized sexualization of a child (a 5th grader) like how fucking worthless and disgusting do you have to be

Funnel Of Love by Wanda Jackson
the unfollow function is free! don’t tell me to shut up on my own blog while spouting your nonsense! be gone!


if you wanna come for me feel free to stop while youre ahead and unfollow

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