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my fashion teacher said i was pervasive

people who get corrected about racism or cultural appropriation “nicely” and respond “oh, i understand now thanks for explaining it nicely and calmly unlike some people” are fuckin awful

honestly, how stupid do you redditers have to be to think that it’s reasonable to think that someone racist deserves to be talked to “calmly” about racism.. as painful and serious as it is.. you think you get to be racist AND deserve to get educated nicely? read a book lmao educate your racist self..? duh… when are racist people open to learning and having a serious discussion… you idiots and your entire thread would be the exact evidence of that not being reasonable or true lmao

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    I have this problem a lot :\ more when it comes to calling people out on sexism/harrassment. My anger is justified, fuck...
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    yup thanks for tone policing i love it when people dismiss other peoples’ valid anger and make it out to be an issue of...
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    It is really awful when people chew out my friends and I chime in to back them up and SUDDENLY they get it and praise...
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